Through the Baltic States and the Hungarian Evening – Day 53 – 08.08.2017

Driven km: 318

Our night was very calm and chilly. The temperatures here are in the low 20s' (°C). But we slept well in our sleeping bags and tent. While BoB was writing the blog post of yesterday this time Zsuzsi prepared the breakfast on our petrol stove. She made oatmeal and we ate the rest of the bread with some sardines. The place where we camped was by the morning full of ants however they were friendly and did not attack us this time. After that we packed up our stuff and continued our route towards South along the Belorussian border.

Our first leg of the route took us through some off-roads again. This time it was less fun than yesterday because there were sections where there was a lot of small gravel on the road, which was a bit slippery, not as much as sand but we had sometimes the bikes slipping a bit and we needed to pay a lot of attention. There were also surprisingly a lot of trucks passing by and they created an immerse dust cloud after them. It was sometimes so thick that we could not see anything in front of the bikes and had to stop for few seconds until the dust settled. We switched the positions time to time so one of us was always driving in the dust of the other bike in the front. We looked quite white after finishing this section. We crossed the border of Lithuania at a very small border crossing on dust roads.

On the Lithuanian side soon after the crossing there was a beautiful lake and the road became again asphalted, which we were happy for after the 20-30 km on the gravel road.

The landscape changed a bit in Lithuania as well. There were a lot of forests and the roads became like a roller coaster. Not much traffic at all but a lot of fun driving on these curvy and hilly roads. Both of us struggled in the beginning a little bit with taking the first curves because we both forgot a bit how to drive on twisty roads after driving in the past two weeks almost exclusively on straight and flat roads since Kazakhstan. But we were really happy for this change and enjoyed a lot the nice asphalt with the curves and hills. We also saw a lot of nice settlements and of course a lot of beautiful nature.

We stopped to fuel up not far from a national park and grabbed some hot-dogs and coffee for lunch. Then continued South to get to Trakai through Vilnius. The reason we did not stop in Vilnius was that one of Zsuzsi's friends from Hungary lives in Lithuania now on an Erasmus+ exchange and we wanted to visit her. She was participating on a training this week in Trakai and thus we headed there. We arrived around 7 PM in Trakai and checked in the hotel where Zsani was also staying. After a quick shower and changing in normal clothes we met her and Adrián (another Hungarian volunteer in the Erasmus+ project). The four of us headed then to the Trakai castle on foot to watch the sunset and drink some Hungarian wine (Tokai Szamorodni) and some local beer. We had a really nice chat and a cool Hungarian evening in Lithuania while sitting next to the lake and listening to the concert that was in the castle. It was nice to meet some friends in such a distant place and have a bit of a Hungarian evening with them. We got back to the hotel around 1:30 AM and went to sleep soon after.

Latvia and Lithuania are both wonderful countries with amazing nature so we are sure that we will have to plan in the future another trip to these countries to stay here and see the countryside and test the roads a bit further. 🙂

Here is also a video about driving through the Baltic states: Video

Our route on Google Maps: Map

One thought on “Through the Baltic States and the Hungarian Evening – Day 53 – 08.08.2017

  1. Fantasztikus színek! És a tavak is. Az egyikben még fürödtek is, ha jól látom. Micsoda véletlen ez is, még az utatok vége felé, hogy Zsani pont ott volt és találkozhattatok. Mekkora volt az esélye, hogy Litvániában egy régi baráttal fogtok sörözni???? 🙂


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