Warsaw – Day 56 – 11.08.2017

Driven km: 0

Walked km: ca. 10

We decided after breakfast that we will stay the whole day in Warsaw and sleep here one more night instead of just running through the city in the morning and then continue our drive further. We chilled out a bit in the hotel in the morning and then went out to the city to do some sightseeing. Our first stop was a Dunkin' Donuts shop, where BoB has never eaten before and Zsuzsi also last time a long time ago. We though to grab a coffee and a donut but ended up also buying a bagel, which is a big favorite of BoB but hard to get normally in Europe. BoB had to choose the Manager's Special donut just because of its name. 😋 An d both of us had a cold brew coffee, which we really much like and favor over hot brews as the taste is much more rich compared to normal brewing methods.

We then walked towards the old town through the State Park (Ogród Saski), where a lot of fountains, some lakes and many statues can be found. Right at the edge of the park is also the grave of the unknown soldier, which is guarded by soldiers all the time. It is a small but really neat park and worthy for a walk.

From the park we walked to the old town part of Warsaw and took some pictures along the route of some buildings that we found interesting.

The old town of Warsaw is very nice. They kept the old architecture and features really much intact and thus we felt like walking in a city from the Middle Ages. There is a rather unusual fortification and wall built out of red small bricks around the city. The city center is full with restaurants and pubs and bars. Of course there are also a lot of tourist all around but it is not like in Moscow where we only saw and met tourist in the Kreml. There are also locals passing through and everything is filled with life.

From the old town part of Warsaw we continued our walk South on the Krakowskie Przedmieście. Along this road there are a lot of interesting buildings and landmarks. There are also further good restaurants and coffees everywhere plus we saw and listened to a lot of street musicians playing and singing many different kind of music styles. Especially later in the evening when we did a second pass through here on our way to the hotel the street performers were very active and numerous.

We also peeked in the university garden:

Then we walked to the Skwer Kala park right next to the Vistula River to see how the riverside looks like. To our surprise it was much better and nicer than what we would have expected. There was at the moment a festival ongoing that promoted American kitchen and culture. We thought that this is especially funny because we came to Poland to experience a bit the local things and then end up in a festival that is promoting American culture. We bought ourselves a beer to go and sat to the waterfront to look at the river and the passing speedboats. There was really a lot of life and people all along the river and at many places DJs played music or some street performers sang or played their instruments.

We finished the evening by going to a typical Polish restaurant – Gościniec Polskie Pierogi – next to the old city walls. Here we tried the local soup – žurek – and one of each dumpling they had on the menu (7 different ones). The service was really good and the food also and in total also price wise quite okay as we paid including the tip €15. It was a nice finishing of our sight seeing and the walk back to the hotel was also good to help digest all the food we ate.

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