The Bikes

  • Transie (Honda Transalp XL700V – 2010) – BoB’s Motorbike

    I bought my bike used in 2012 with 2500 km on its clock. I did a lot of modification on it to get to its current state and to make it more to my liking:

    • High touring screen from Givi
    • Screen adjusting system from MotoDrift
    • Hand protector from Touratech
    • Handelbar riser from Touratech
    • Heated grips from Honda
    • Automatic chain oiler from Pro-Oiler
    • Power socket from Touratech
    • Pinion guard from Touratech
    • LED fog lights from SW-Motech
    • Engine guard plate from Touratech
    • Crash bars from ChilliX
    • Foldable gear lever from Touratech
    • “Works” long-distance foot pegs from Touratech
    • Kick stand support extension from Touratech
    • Tank drypack converter from Kriega 
    • Throttle cover from Touratech
    • Zega Pro aluminum pannier (2x45l) system and frame by Touratech
    • “Intiminator” front suspension inertia based emulator from Ricor Shocks
    • Centre stand from SW-Motech
    • Top case (Maxia E55) from Givi
    • Luggage rack extension from Touratech
    • Tool tube (x2) from eBay


    • The Grey (Yamaha YBR250 – 2009) – Zsuzsi’s Motorbike

    The Grey is my first bike and is a great motorcycle as it gets me everywhere without any trouble. I am very courious to see how will we both perform in off-road like conditions, but I am confident we’ll get trough nicely 🙂 

    The Grey got some nice upgrades since we bought it:

    • grip heating
    • screen extention
    • automatic chain olier
    • LED fog lights
    • Lagguage rack
    • Back tire: Heidenau K60 Scout
    • Front tire: Heidenau K66
    • Kriga US drybags (1x20l, 2x10l)